I am a multidisciplinary artist working across mediums including painting, drawing, collage, and installation. Glitches, digital trash, land-forms and fossils are all things I really like. Visual discrepancies fascinate me, and I like using these to find and make new forms or feelings of stillness.

My current sources of inspiration include strange looking rocks, qt anime girls, Jungian symbols, old pokemon game soundtracks and the odd empty spaces I sometimes come across.


2019 – Salon suckers, Embassy Gallery group show

2018 – DJCAD degree show

2018 – Steaming Heap, DJCAD

2017 – Funen art academy rundgang exhibition (Denmark)

2017 – Funen art academy 3rd year exhibition (Kunsthal Ulys, Denmark)

2016 – Generator Projects, annual member’s show


Several of my collages are included in the Verbeke Foundation, an independent art museum in Belgium.