I am a multidisciplinary artist working across mediums including painting, drawing, collage, and installation. Glitches, digital trash, litter and fossils are all things I align myself with. Visual discrepancies fascinate me, and I like using these to find and make new forms.

My current sources of inspiration include rock formations, plant biology, Jungian psychology, and 90’s drum and bass music.


2019 – Salon suckers, Embassy Gallery group show

2018 – DJCAD degree show

2018 – Steaming Heap, DJCAD

2017 – Funen art academy rundgang exhibition (Denmark)

2017 – Funen art academy 3rd year exhibition (Kunsthal Ulys, Denmark)

2016 – Generator Projects, annual member’s show


Several of my collages are included in the Verbeke Foundation, an independent art museum in Belgium.